Reaching new levels

How you become a part of AEC

1. Application

Submit your application following the process described in the vacancy.

2. first interview

Your application stood out! Our HR Team will invite you for a first screening interview, conducted usually by phone or video call.

3. functional interview

You‘ve made a good impression! The next interview will focus on your skills and abilities to perform the specific role. Typically you will get to know more employees from the functional department in a personal interview.

4. cultural fit interview

Your personal values and mindset are essential to succeed at AEC. Therefore expect to be asked series of questions about your personality and your motivation to join AEC.

5. decision

The HR Team will follow up informing you of our decision and outligning the next steps.

6. offer

An official offer will be sent to successfull candidates per email.

7. onboarding

Welcome to AEC! We are excited to have you here. Our team will ensure your first weeks are well structured and productive. A series of training from all functional departments will form your first 2 weeks with us.