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Auto Export Corporation (AEC) is a global automotive solutions provider for traditional OEMs and innovative companies in the areas of market-entry, compliance, distribution and more

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Our services cover the areas of general distribution, market homologation, research and development, parts distribution and warehouse, automotive consulting, automotive finance, fleet operations, logistics solutions as well as retail operations that include both traditional and online channels.

AEC offers a unique set of services thanks to our state-of-the-art distribution facilities and research & development centers in Europe. This allows our partners to focus on what’s important, while capturing demand in markets outside of their direct expertise or priority.


Munich, Germany

St. Catharines, Canada

Antwerp, Belgium

Stockholm, Sweden

Shanghai, China

Tianjin, China

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Our management

Andrew Pilsworth

President & CEO


Chief Operating Officer


Andrew founded the company in 1996 in St. Catharines, Canada and grew it to a globally preferred partner for automotive companies of various sizes.

Fleet companies in the fields such as mining, oil, and gas as well as fleet remarketing such as Enterprise have turned to AEC for specialized solutions in the face of ever-changing environment and regulations.

Andrew has successfully negotiated previous service and distribution agreements with Chrysler Canada, General Motors Canada, and Nissan/Infiniti.


John joined the company in 2010 and together with Andrew has driven the negotiations of the European distribution agreement with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) for the Dodge & RAM branded vehicles and MOPAR parts.

As the company’s Chief Operating Officer, John spearheads the international expansion of the business that includes multiple global offices, a research & development center as well as a European distribution center. In this capacity, he manages global operations including the coordination of the international offices and facilities.

Together, Andrew and John provide a strategic and visionary leadership to a team of automotive professionals that are passionate about the products and services we offer to our customers.




Our structure, leadership style, and culture allow us to easily integrate new projects, assemble cross-functional committees, and drive change.


Due to our OEM collaboration and many partnerships with key automotive service providers AEC has developed into a professional and well-oiled machine.


Our workforce comes from various backgrounds from traditional OEMs, key EV manufacturers, and other industries helping us to benchmark & innovate processes.


With an average age of 34, our team is motivated by challenges, is full of fresh ideas, and is constantly changing and evolving.


Our team consists of a variety of cultural backgrounds and is native in over 20 languages. A diverse workforce is vital for the multinational European market.

Dany is one of the pioneers of AEC’s European operations.


After his engineering studies, he turned his passion for cars into his profession. With more than seventeen years of international automotive experience, his R&D innovations have helped AEC to homologate and offer international compliance for vehicles and parts for OEMs in over 30 countries worldwide.


Dany speaks German, English, Hebrew and Russian.




Dany Hoffman
Homologation Director

Natalie has been with AEC and its subsidiaries in various positions since 2007. Thanks to her industry knowledge paired with a passion for change she has overseen the development of AEC’s European infrastructure including the launch of various partnerships and the restructuring of its franchise Dodge & RAM network.


Her drive for constant progress led her to pursue a Master's degree in Management from Harvard University.


She is fluent in English, German, Hebrew and Russian.


Natalie Gitter
Corporate Development and Communications Director

Yulduz has joined AEC as a Supply Chain Specialist after working in the shipping industry at Panalpina in Germany and Malaysia.


Thanks to her experience with air and sea freight for numerous automotive brands, she was able to develop a shipping process and, over the years, build AEC’s Logistics Department which is responsible for the distribution of ~4000 vehicles and documents per year.


Yulduz has a degree in International Management and she is fluent in German and English.


Yulduz Can
Logistics Manager

Susanne joined AEC Europe’s team to professionalize the Retail Marketing activities of the Dodge & RAM business unit.


Her personal car collection and her race team are her hobbies and she has been a car enthusiast from a very young age. Susanne has collected more than eight years of experience in the automotive & energy sectors among others with AUDI (new mobility), Tesla, Canadian Solar and The Mobility House while having completed a Master’s degree in Sales & Marketing.


Susanne is fluent in German and English.

Susanne A. Marack
Marketing Manager

Justin joined AEC in 2016 as an After Sales Specialist after having worked in the Land, Sea and Airfreight sectors at Panalpina Germany for several years.


His ability to transfer the process management experience in the worldwide shipping area was key to the successful set-up of AEC’s After-Sales Department. Today, Justin and his team drive projects like the technical training and certification of the franchise dealer network, safety recall process development, and administration as well as Warranty and Quality Control.


Justin is fluent in English and German.

Justin Wittenberg
After Sales Manager

Zoe joined the company as an Inventory Specialist directly after completing her Master’s degree in Accounting in 2013.


Thanks to her passion for accounting and the desire to be the midway between a conservative accountant and a creative team leader, she has successfully set up AEC's Accounting Department as it is today. Before moving to Canada, Zoe gathered several years of professional experience working as both an internal and third-party accountant in consulting firms as well as the private sector.


She has recently passed the CPA exam and is fluent in English and Chinese.

Zoe Yuan Yuan
Head of Accounting & Finance


“A good corporate reputation does not develop by accident.”

– Andrew Pilsworth, President and CEO

Business Conduct and Corporate Social Responsibility

At AEC, we believe that what the company stands for is just as important as the products we offer. We are proud to have built a company with a reputation of uncompromising honesty and integrity.

AEC adopted the current Business Code of Conduct in 2009. Today’s policies embody the same spirit of honesty and integrity that has always been at the core of our company; they guide us in making the best possible decisions, wherever in the world we are doing business.

AEC’s Business Code of Conduct

At AEC, we are proud to support the regions in which we operate. For details regarding our CSR strategy, please contact csr@aecorp.com