Fuel consumption of RAM 1500 with the 5.7L V8 HEMI®: City 18,1 l/100km, Highway 9,6 l/100km, Comb. 12,8 l/100km; CO2-Emissions comb.: 298 g/km; CO2-Efficiency Class: G-E*

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Franchise distribution, direct sales or a modern hybrid solution?

Over the years, AEC has developed a unique skill set that allows us to create a tailored buying experience for various customer needs around the world. We are the agile link between the traditional and the modern automotive worlds, with expertise and a vast network of sales, service, and fulfillment centers in key global markets.

Core Competencies

Foreign automotive brands face a great deal of challenges in Europe  – AEC has mastered and refined the needed skills and built a unique infrastructure that allows us to compete effectively.

Our European set-up is one of a kind and combines in-house competence and exclusive cooperation agreements with leading providers.

Our team provides cross-disciplinary solutions that range from regulatory compliance, specialized engineering, distribution center incl. parts, R&D, pan-European customer warranty, homologation to warehouse operations, support & service training, and a pan-European service-network.

EV Market Entry

The electrification trend has never been more present than today. We see it everywhere, every day. While sales and production of Battery Electrical Vehicles (BEV) surge all over the world, due to favorable regulations and forecasts, the distribution concepts and the respective infrastructure are still largely fragmented.

AEC unites the abilities and capacities of traditional channels with the needed agility and flexibility to accommodate any volume needs of growing markets. AEC has helped several manufacturers to estimate their market entry costs and the foreseeable roadblocks for their EV prototypes, while also developing key partnerships in the areas of online distribution, service network, and financial partnerships.

Position yourself in the front of the line with AEC as your Pan-European distributor for your electrical vehicle models.

Distribution Concepts

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team of automotive professionals, we are able to combine the experience of traditional manufacturers with innovative concepts. By considering market demand, we provide flexible solutions depending on the volume, goal, and other key success factors.

Our toolbox includes various components that can be mixed and matched to address the arising needs of our customers and partners. AEC’s key priority is to understand these needs and to adapt to them in the most efficient way.

  • Traditional Distribution Channels
  • Fleet and Specialty Business
  • Innovative Mobility & Distribution Concepts

Dodge, RAM & Mopar

As an official importer of Fiat Chrysler (FCA) Dodge & RAM branded vehicles and parts in Europe, AEC Europe GmbH (a 100% subsidiary of AEC) is responsible for the distribution and retail network development of the American brands.

Over 120 European AEC dealers were officially appointed and authorized by the manufacturer. The service portfolio of the importer towards its network includes market homologation, warranty, parts, recall administration as well as financial services but also certification and training.

For more information visit the product website under www.aeceurope.com

Fuel consumption of the RAM 1500 with the 5.7L V8 HEMI®: City 15,7 l/100km, Highway 10,7 l/100km, Comb. 14,9 l/100km; CO2-Emissions comb.: 352 g/km; CO2-Efficiency Class: G*
Fuel consumption of all Dodge models with the available V8 to V6 petrol engines: Fuel consumption (combined): 15,7 – 13,1 l/100km; CO2-Emissions (combined): 395 – 328 g/Kilometer; CO2-Efficiency Class: G*

With Pan-European retail operations in nearly 20 major markets in Europe, AEC is uniquely equipped to adapt to our client’s needs to provide a tailored market-entry approach.


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US LLC (FCA) is an Italian-American multinational corporation and is the world’s eighth largest automaker. AEC has been collaborating in various capacities with FCA since before the merger and became an official importer and distributor for Dodge & RAM in Europe in 2011.

Santander Consumer Bank

Santander Consumer Bank, our strong cooperation partner, provides all financial services for our dealers and end-customers.

Santander Consumer Bank is one of the largest industry providers of financial services, with over 50 years of experience and an excellent reputation in the automotive sector.

AEC has the same innovative spirit and important common values as Santander Consumer Bank, such as customer focus, quality service, and sustainability.


CarGarantie is one of the leading warranty specialists in Europe with over 45 years of experience working with over 40 manufacturers/importers and around 23,000 qualified dealerships across Europe. AEC has an exclusive collaboration with the reputable warranty provider to ensure that our Dodge & RAM business has superior customer service.

ICO – International Car Operators

ICO is a world-leading terminal operator for roll-on/roll-off cargo handling, including vehicle processing, shipping agency and the full spectrum of logistics services. Situated in Belgium, the heart of the European automobile industry, ICO handles over 1.6 million vehicles per year via Antwerp and Zeebrugge.

For decades now, ICO has been developing a unique expertise in handling cars, trucks, project cargo, and “high & heavy” vehicles. In addition to the loading & unloading of cargo, ICO offers a complete range of secondary services.

The unique combination of ICO’s experience with AEC’s engineering expertise enables rapid delivery of market-ready vehicles to AEC’s extensive retail network.


TÜV SÜD is a trusted partner of choice for safety, security, and sustainability solutions that has been around for over 150 years. AEC collaborates with TÜV SÜD in our regulatory compliance activities, market entry research, testing and parts development, market viability assessments, and much more.

Prins – a Westport Company

Netherlands-based Prins Autogassystemen BV, a Westport company, is a developer and worldwide supplier of alternative fuel systems for cars, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, and has been a highly ranked and recognized world leader in alternative fuel systems for almost 30 years.

Prins is the world leader in the new VSI-2.0, VSI-2.0 DI and Direct LiquiMax 2.0 and Dieselblend systems. Prins provides OEM customers, importers and installers with cost-efficient and innovative solutions for a wide variety of engine types and engine technologies in over 50 countries.

Thanks to the exclusive partnership between AEC and Prins, RAM 5.7L Hemi® is now also available with a market leading bi-fuel solution in the form of a re-engineered and carefully calibrated AEC-VSI-2.0, which is installed at AEC’s port facility in accordance with OEM standards.